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View this week’s Muck Diving in Lembeh Strait video

Welcome to Episode 45 of Fresh Critters At Lembeh.  It was another great week of Muck Diving in Lembeh Strait.  We still have an exceptionally good selection of Frogfish.  This episode has 11 different frogfish.  The week was also very good for Nudibranchs and Crustaceans.  Come on out to beautiful...
Brenda’s Critter «Wish List» Completed!

When you arrive here at Lembeh Resort and fill out your paperwork in the Critters@Lembeh Dive Center we also ask you to fill out your 'Critter Wish List" - a list of any of the animals you would like to see on your dive holiday.  This list is passed on...
More than 300 Species of Fish on our House Reef

Dr. Patrick Louisy and his wife Sylvie Louisy are coordinators of the Peau- Bleu  Association from France, and they just finished their Fish Counting research in the Lembeh Strait from 6 April - 15 April 2012 with their group of 'fish watchers'!   They stayed at Lembeh Resort and dived with...