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Coral Reef in Lembeh


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Great Critter Behavior

Barbara Moll joined us here at Lembeh Resort for her 3rd time diving with Critters@Lembeh. In addition to lots of great critter pics she didn't yet have, she also managed to get some exciting behavior shots such as Halrequin Shrimps feeding and olive-purse crabs mating. Thanks to Barbara...
March Highlights Video

Welcome to the March 2012 Highlights of Fresh Critters At Lembeh. March was a great month. So much stuff and so little time to show it all to you. Special thanks to Hergen and Kerri for helping out with the video in a big way during March.Come...
New Class of Dive Boat in Lembeh Strait

In our ongoing effort to improve our guests dive experience in Lembeh Strait, we are adding a new class of dive boat beginning April 1st. This new boat will solve three problems: It is fast so it will get us to the dive sites before any other boats...