Blackwater Underwater Photography Workshop with Scott Gutsy Tuason


Join Lembeh’s first ever blackwater and bonfire underwater photography workshop at Lembeh Resort with award winning, underwater photography pro Scott Gutsy Tuason.

  • Open to all levels of photographers
  • No blackwater diving experience is required
  • Meet the creatures from the deep and take home stunning images!

This is an incredible opportunity to see critters which are rarely seen by other divers – and to capture them on camera. Blackwater images are among the most sought after and highly awarded in underwater photography competitions and whether you hope to take award winning images or simply capture the memories, you’ll have an expert team behind you to make sure you take home your best images possible.

Blackwater underwater photography
A larvae stage moray eel shot by Scott Tuason
What is Blackwater and Bonfire Diving?

Blackwater and bonfire diving are relatively new types of diving which are perfectly suited to the Lembeh Strait. Life in our oceans depends on plankton and both bonfire and blackwater diving rely on strong lights to attract microscopic plankton, which in turn, attracts an abundance of weird and bizarre looking larvae stage critters.

During bonfire dives, the lights are placed on a sandy slope whereas during blackwater dives, the lights are suspended from the boat over deep, open water. No previous experience of blackwater or bonfire diving is required to join the workshop as all participants will be fully briefed prior to diving.

The critters that we see on these dives are rarely seen by other divers (including paper nautilus!), which makes these dives a must for underwater photographers.

Lembeh Underwater Photography: Night Diving
Blackwater diving reveals a host of unique critters which would otherwise go unseen

All levels of photographers, shooting with all camera systems, will benefit from this workshop which includes:

  • 6 nights full board in a Luxury Cottage
  • 8 blackwater dives with Nitrox*
  • Expert photography coaching
  • Daily presentation by Scott Tuason or Lembeh Resort’s in-house Photo Pro on a range of topics followed by practical in-water application.
  • Pro Critique sessions: One-on-one time to maximize your learning curve. Master the techniques presented or sort out your processing woes.
  • Unsurpassed attention with a 3:1 diver to guide ratio and max 6 divers per boat
  • Blackwater and underwater photography trained dive guides
  • Superlative resort service to compliment the entire event
  • Snacks plus free-flow drinking water, tea and coffee
  • Welcome drink and fruit basket
  • Coming soon for 2021
Stay Longer

Extend your stay and enjoy even more blackwater, muck dives and underwater photography in Lembeh.

Scott Gutsy Tuason

Introducing Photo Pro Scott Gutsy TuasonScott Tuason

Scott Gutsy Tuason is a Manila-based diver and nature photographer who started taking underwater photographs 35 years ago. Scott’s recent book, Blackwater and Open Blue, explores blackwater diving and picked up Book of the Year at the 2017 Underwater Photographer of the Year Competition.

As a veteran in the industry, Scott works with numerous dive publications, collaborates with leading conservation groups, and represents the Philippines in international expos. When he’s not out diving, Gutsy runs Squires Bingham Sports, a boutique that specializes in scuba gear, underwater imaging, liveaboard charters, and photography workshops. Needless to say, we are very excited to have Scott hosting Lembeh’s first blackwater underwater photography workshop here at Lembeh Resort.

Night Diving: Blackwater Photography workshop
Capture incredible blackwater images during this unique underwater photography workshop

Discover the unparalleled world of blackwater diving and capture breathtaking blackwater images with Scott’s exclusive workshop at Lembeh Resort. Experience the finest dive sites of North Sulawesi, indulge in a stay at one of Indonesia’s premier dive resorts, and witness some of the most remarkable marine life encounters.

We highly recommend extending your stay for at least 3 nights before and after the event. This will allow you to unwind, partake in daylight dives beforehand, and put your newly acquired skills into practice afterward!

For more information about the event or to make a reservation (limited spaces available), please contact us at: Explore Lembeh Resort Rates: Visit our website or get in touch with us to learn more about Lembeh Resort rates.

Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to experience the magic of Lembeh Resort and embark on an unforgettable blackwater diving adventure!

Sunset at Lembeh Resort