10 Tips on How to Protect Coral Reefs

As divers or snorkelers, we all want to do what we can to protect what we love – the ocean and its marine inhabitants! Here in Lembeh, we do everything we can to be as sustainable as possible in our operations, however, there are also a lot of things that divers can do when visiting us – and from home. Here are our top 10 tips that we can all do to protect coral reefs… 

1. Buoyancy 

Dive Guide Lembeh

Here in Lembeh, protecting our coral reefs and marine environments is at the center of our operations. Having great buoyancy control is one of the ways that you can help us to maintain this. Many of our dive sites have silty bottoms which critters hide out or make their homes in. By maintaining neutral buoyancy you will avoid disturbing marine life and damaging corals – and your air consumption will improve significantly too. Great for divers and our coral reefs! 

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2. Invest in a Mesh Bag

green bag for diving

If you want to collect any plastic during your dives then mesh bags fit easily in BCD pockets and if you find trash you can carry it underwater without causing damage to your scuba gear. If you invest in your own mesh bag you can take it with you when you travel and use it around the world!

We have a selection available to borrow from our dive center if you don’t have a mesh bag of your own.

3. Join a Beach Cleanup

Beach cleanup

Lembeh Resort and Dive Center staff regularly clean up beaches and dive sites

We organize regular beach cleanups here at Lembeh Resort – but you don’t need to wait until you arrive to join one. Why not take a look at what’s happening in your local area? Beach cleanups serve two major purposes – they prevent plastic and other waste from entering the ocean AND they remove waste that has washed up from the ocean with the tides. 

4. Join an Underwater Cleanup

Lembeh Resort Cleanup

Lembeh Resort Cleanup

In collaboration with the Lembeh Foundation, we regularly clean up dive sites that have been affected by manmade debris that has washed out – or in. When taking part in underwater cleanups be sure to follow the guidance of the leader and take into consideration that not all debris is removable. If removing debris would result in causing more damage (such as coral breakage of destruction of habitat) than leaving it in situ, it is best to leave it behind. 

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5. Learn More About Sustainability and the Ocean

Not only do we want to protect what we love, but also we love what we understand even more. Learning more about our oceans and how to live more sustainably to protect marine environments is a win-win. With your new knowledge, you’ll also be in a better position to educate others. 

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6. Reduce Your Plastic Consumption

While cleaning up beaches and underwater helps to alleviate pressure on our local reefs, reducing our plastic consumption means that we are living in the solution rather than contributing to the problems that our planet is facing. 

7. Get on Social Media

Social media offers individuals the opportunity to reach wider audiences than ever before. Share what you are doing through images to inspire others. You can also be proactive and post about upcoming cleanups and events and encourage others to get involved too. 

8. Support Lembeh Foundation

Helen working with village school children

The Lembeh Foundation Learning Center provides children with education about conservation, sustainability and Lembeh’s natural environment

Lembeh Foundation is committed to protecting and conserving the underwater and terrestrial environments of Lembeh Island and empowering communities to live more sustainably while benefiting economically. Lembeh Foundation also provides resources to educate local villages and schools about the environmental issues directly affecting those living on Lembeh Island. Find out more about the Lembeh Foundation here. 

9. Don’t Buy Products from the Ocean

When we travel overseas many of us like to purchase souvenirs to remind us of our travels or to take home as gifts for friends and family. Avoid buying any products that contain items from the ocean such as shells or coral. Although it may appear to contain one or two shells, many of these items are mass produced – and those shells and coral fragments all play a part in the marine environment. Our Lembeh Resort gift shop does not sell products that contain oceanic materials. 

10. Get Involved in Your Area

Living sustainably, getting involved in (or organizing events), and posting on social media don’t need to wait until the next time you travel. Start from home and make this your new way of contributing to protecting our blue planet. 

So, are you ready to get started? 

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