What’s Happening Day 7 of ‘Capturing Critters @ Lembeh’

What’s Happening Day 7 of ‘Capturing Critters @ Lembeh’

Firstly today is the actual 10th Anniversary of Lembeh Resort, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!!!

Resident Photo Pro, Steve Fish kicked on the anniversary celebration with an informative and humorous talk on Video Editing Workflow. The exact words ‘If you don’t organise, you are so screwed’ seemed to be a running theme through the presentation and Steve gave many tips on the use of Lightroom to organise your footage. Also he spoke at length about Final Cut Pro, which is his preferred software of choice for video editing.

Ethan Daniels is continuing the fun with a talk on Composition this afternoon. Composition is an integral part of underwater photography and good or bad composition can mean the difference between a mediocre photo and an award winning one! Ethan will be handing out lots of hints on composing great photos, we think that this seminar will be full with people taking notes!

Carlos and Doug will on Office Hours this afternoon from 5pm until 7pm.

This evening the main festivities will continue with the Anniversary Party , all the participants and presenters along with all of the staff from Lembeh Resort and Critters@Lembeh will be celebrating with food, singing, dancing and more!