Sustainable Solutions at Lembeh Resort

Trying to keep our beautiful resort as green and environmentally sustainable as possible is not a small task. We are constantly trying to identify areas in our operations where we can reduce emissions, single-use plastic, water and non-renewable energy for sustainability. It’s a never ending process. When new technologies develop and become available in Indonesia, areas we previously thought we couldn’t improve on, we suddenly can. We are constantly researching new green innovations, revising our methods and implementing changes.

We firmly believe that sustainability encompasses more that just environmental issues and we work alongside our local villages to find economically sustainable options which empower all members of the community, through education and providing practical and workable solutions, regardless of age, gender and ethnicity.

At Lembeh Resort, the Lembeh Foundation (our registered Indonesian Charity) is not our only initiative and we believe that actions speak louder than words, so here are some of the other sustainable steps and projects which we have undertaken  within the resort – and continue to take on a daily basis.

Reusable water bottles and glass drinking straws
Reusable water bottles and glass drinking straws eliminate the need for plastic alternatives

Sustainable Supplies

We don’t just accept things as they are, instead we demand certain criteria are met by our suppliers and these include, no individually plastic wrapped items, a reduction in all plastic packaging, no plastic bags, locally grown produce and locally manufactured goods. If we have to import items we opt for local importers so that we can continue to support our local communities and businesses.

Guests are gifted a re-usable bottle and stainless steel drinking straws are on sale – profits go to Lembeh Foundation.

Plastic Reduction

Across all of our internal operations we impose on ourselves the same stringent criteria regarding plastic which we expect from our suppliers. We do not use plastic straws, Styrofoam lunch boxes, plastic bags or excess packaging. We buy in bulk to reduce packaging and we use traditional methods of wrapping including banana leaves for gifts. Within our gift shop, we sell only products produced in Indonesia and we are working towards a sustainable range of toiletries which currently includes bamboo tooth brushes and palm oil free soaps. All toiletries in our accommodations are supplied in refillable dispensers and are palm oil free. Products used in our spa are also palm oil free.

Fresh Red Chili Peppers On Tomohon Traditional Market
Wherever possible we source fresh, local produce and insist on no plastic packaging

Resourceful Accommodation

Our luxury cottages are the result of extensive research into how we could develop sustainable accommodation while maintaining our high standards of luxury and comfort. The cottages combine modern energy saving technology and green materials with traditional flair; AC efficiency has increased, water collection and solar water heating systems are in place and our faucets reduce unnecessary water waste. Energy efficiency has been carefully considered to minimize our carbon footprint.

Educating Future Generations

In keeping with our founder’s belief that education should be made available for all children in Indonesia, Lembeh Resort provides school supplies, back packs and school uniforms annually to children whose families are in need. On average we support 60 – 80 children each year from two different villages. Educating future generations is key to increasing sustainability on Lembeh Island.

Lembeh Resort supplies school supplies and school uniforms to families in need from two local villages

After Hours

Our staff have embraced the concept of sustainability outside of Lembeh Resort and all staff parties and fun days are now free from single-use plastic cups, cutlery and plastic wrap. Many of our team our actively spreading the word about the importance of sustainability to their families, social groups and communities.


At Lembeh Resort we recognize that people are our single biggest and most important resource. We believe in, and uphold workers’ rights, fair salaries and annual leave, training, professional development and equality. We also provide English language classes for all Lembeh Resort staff and we provide professional training and certification for all dive staff through either PADI or SSI.


Lembeh Resort is committed to the United Nations Clean Sea Campaign and has pledged to uphold Clean Sea principles in all operations; we are a member of Project AWARE and Longitude 181 and we host regular guest presentations promoting responsible and sustainable tourism.

Lembeh Resort and Dive Center staff regularly clean up beaches and dive sites

Lembeh Resort is the founding Resort member of the Lembeh Foundation. The Lembeh Foundation is an independent registered Indonesian charitable organization which is working alongside local communities on Lembeh Island to provide environmental and economically sustainable solutions to waste management. The core aims of the Lembeh Foundation are to reduce plastic waste, provide education and economic benefits while improving the health and sustainability of local communities.

Lembeh Foundation is currently focusing on three major initiatives:

  1. Lembeh Foundation Trash Bank (Bank Sampah) and Waste Plastic Solutions
  2. Lembeh Foundation Green Library
  3. Beach, Village and Underwater Cleanups

For more information and updates about the Lembeh Foundation and our latest initiatives, take a look at the Lembeh Foundation website here.

Helen working with village school children
The Lembeh Foundation Learning Center provides children with education about conservation, sustainability and Lembeh's natural environment

Staying at Lembeh Resort

When you are not out diving, Lembeh Resort’s secluded location on Lembeh Island ensures you enjoy an exclusive and relaxing stay. Our tropical gardens, incredible wildlife and exotic flora form a natural backdrop while luxury and elegance come as standard. We hope not only to meet your expectations, but to exceed them.

We offer three accommodation options (Garden View RoomsLuxury Cottages and the Cliffside Suite). All accommodation is full board with three exquisite meals a day including à la carte dining in the evenings. Our team of professional chefs can cater for special dietary requirements and requests.

Stay with us at Lembeh Resort, discover  the world’s best muck diving and experience Lembeh with a touch of luxury.

For more information about our rates or to make a reservation, contact us at:

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