The Lembeh Strait offers exceptionally well sheltered dive sites and tropical weather conditions no matter which season you visit

No matter which season of the year you visit you’ll experience easy diving conditions and a wonderful, tropical climate.

The Lembeh Strait sits just a fraction north of the equator (1°29′35″N and 124°50′29″E) which means that we enjoy a consistent equatorial climate and hours of daylight regardless of the season. Our sunrises and sunsets are at around 5.30am and 5.30pm each day. Indonesia does not observe daylight saving time so if you visit us between April and October we are +7 hours GMT, from October through to April we are +8 hours GMT.

Our annual sea temperatures do not fluctuate and are between 26 and 29 degrees throughout the year. Daily air temperatures are from 26 to 32 degrees. When you are out on the boats there is a cooling breeze in the Strait and the sunshine is wonderful for warming up after dives. The resort offers plentiful shaded areas under the lush tropical gardens and areas of direct sunlight for those who wish to enjoy it.

The Lembeh Strait’s sheltered and protected location means that there are rarely strong currents or big waves so you can enjoy relaxing diving regardless of which season you visit.