One-on-One time with a Photo Pro

One-on-One time with a Photo Pro

“I enjoy shooting video underwater, but until now I didn’t really know what to do with it. I’m really happy with the outcome of my first video”! As a recent attendee to our 3rd annual Capturing Critters in Lembeh, Richard Lorenzen made his first video and I highly recommend you watch the results. Under the tutelage of our in-house Photo Pro Sascha Janson, Richard took his files from his SD cards to actual footage for all to view.

A few years ago Richard decided to take a live-aboard trip with Backscatters, Berkeley White and Erin Quigley. He decided if he was going to travel with the Pro’s he’d better have the equipment to shoot like a Pro. So he did his research and decided this would make the perfect kit:

Canon 5D Mark 3
Nauticam Housing
100 M Cannon Lens
Nauticam Diopter
Keldan Video 8M CRI lights

Armed and ready to shoot with his new equipment Richard joined the trip and had an awesome experience. His new camera was perfect, Indonesian diving was amazing, Berkley and Erin where real Pro’s and he captured some great images. But what to do with them? After the Backscatter trip, Richard did another trip, again, what to do with the footage?

After looking around he noticed there were a lot of workshops for photographers, but very few that offered video editing. Having taken a trip with Erin Quigley before Richard knew she was a pro and knew her stuff, so when she recommended the Capturing Critters in Lembeh Workshop he came.

One-on-One time with a photo pro who understands video editing was what Richard needed and every year this is a big part of our Workshops. Richard was able to have time with our in-house photo pro every day, during the 10 day workshop. As you can imagine, diving 3 times a day in Lembeh Strait with Abner a Critters@Lembeh private guide, Richard had plenty of opportunity to capture excellent footage, as you can see here in his video.

After we played Richard’s video for the other Workshop participants, I asked him what he thought “This is way more than I expected, it was great” “Everything was great”!