Catch a glimpse of Sulawesi’s most iconic bird species

This is the perfect trip for anyone who has an interest in wildlife, the outdoors or ornithology. Explore the incredible Tangkoko National Park and see some of the endemic and most exotic bird species that Sulawesi has to offer. We start out early in the morning so shortly after sunrise you’ll arrive at the Tangkoko Lodge for breakfast. After an introduction to you local, expert guide the tour begins.

As you trek through the lush forest you’ll be looking out for the Magnificent Sulawesi Dwarf Kingfisher, the Green-Backed Kingfisher, the Sulawesi Lilac-Cheeked-Kingfisher, Minahasa Owl, Red-Bellied-Pitta, Green Imperial Pigeons, Ashy Woodpecker and of course the brilliant Red Knobbed Hornbill. During the morning trek it is also possible to witness a wide variety of other endemic species such as the Ochre-Bellied Hawk Owl, Rusty-Backed Thrush, Sulawesi Myna, Spot-Tailed-Goshawk, White-Necked Myna and much more! Sightings of the Sulawesi Crested Macaques, Tarsiers and Cucus bears are also very common. After lunch you’ll take a boat ride along the mangroves to look for other species of Kingfishers, Herons, White-Rumped Cuckooshrikes and Sandpipers. Black Napped Terns and Frigate Birds will often be seen flying overhead.

Additional Information:

Departure time from Lembeh Resort: 5am | Duration 13 – 14 hours

Price: 1 person: IDR 2,750,000 | 2 people: IDR 2,475,000 per person | 3 people: IDR 2,375,000 per person | 4 people: IDR 2,275,000 per person