The Tangkoko National Park offers stunning scenery, black macaques, tarsiers and an array of Sulawesi wildlife

Tangkoko National Park is one of the oldest nature reserves in Indonesia and has been a protected area since 1919. With almost 9000 hectares of protected rainforest it is home to a huge variety of amazing wildlife. Based at the foot of the Dua Suadara Mountain, the area is a mixture of gentle rolling hills and valleys. Commonly seen animals include the smallest primate in the world – the Tarsier.

Take an easy 2-3 hour walk through the park in search of the Tarsiers, Black Crested Macaques, Hornbills, Cuscus Bears, rare species of endemic birds and even the flying Draco-Lizards.

Tangkoko is just a short drive from Lembeh Resort and this is an excellent tour for on your last day when you are not diving prior to flying.

Additional Information:

Fitness level required: Easy to moderate

Preferably wear light clothing and long pants. A long-sleeved top is best but not a requirement. Please spray on mosquito repellent before getting dressed and don’t forget your water bottle, camera and your flashlight.

Departure time from Lembeh Resort: 1.30pm | Duration: 5 – 6 hours

Price: 1 person: IDR 1,550,000 | 2 people: IDR 1,250,000 per person | 3 people: IDR 1,150,000 per person | 4 people: IDR 1,050,000 per person (includes guide and entrance fee)