Capturing Critters in Lembeh Workshop 2014: Day 1 & 2

Capturing Critters in Lembeh Workshop 2014: Day 1 & 2

Two full days into our 10 day Workshop and already a plethora of images have been taken and awesome animal behavior witnessed. The most exciting of which happened while preparing to shoot an Algae octopus. Critters@Lembeh dive guide Fandy had just pointed out this little critter and as the photographer was coming closer to capture the octopus, a Blue-ring octopus came out of nowhere and attacked the Algae octopus! Witnesses believe the Blue-ring bit the Algae. After some time the victimized Algae octopus started to show signs of slowing down, however it didn’t die while the divers where watching, leaving the photographer and a few others wondering – What the Heck just Happened?!?



Yesterdays presentations Creative Underwater Photo Techniques by Keri Wilk from ReetNet was quite informative, Keri’s most memorable tip “You want to FISST your subject”! After a good laugh by all, Keri explained – Check your F-stop, ISO, Shutter speed, Strobes and Test = FISST!





Erin’s Quigley’s Global Domination seminar in Lightroom this morning was truly enlightening. Erin has the ability of making it seem so easy and logical! When asked how she makes it look so easy, Erin’s reply “After a while you just know, it’s all in the mileage”. So if you want to learn how to take your average images and make them spectacular images – GoAskErin!