Diving Lembeh – Reefs, Wrecks and Rainforest

While most people associate diving Lembeh with muck diving, did you know that there are also beautiful coral reefs, walls, pinnacles, stunning mangrove areas, wrecks, white sand beaches, schooling fish and pelagics all within easy reach? If you thought diving Lembeh meant muck, muck and more muck, think again!

Here is just a taster of some of the other incredible diving and snorkeling opportunities that Lembeh has to offer.

North Lembeh Reefs

Explore the stunning reefs to the North of the Lembeh Strait

North Lembeh Strait Coral Reefs Diving

Vibrant, healthy coral reefs, staggering underwater scenescapes, schooling fish and passing pelagics abound at the north end of the Lembeh Strait.  Angel’s Window, California Dreaming, Batu Pendeta and Dante’s Wall (to name but a few) offer world class reefs diving within easy reach, even the most seasoned of divers will be impressed by the diversity of marine life and display of colors.

Reef diving in Lembeh

Stunning reefs and soft coral to the North of the Lembeh Strait

Outside Lembeh Strait

Explore beyond diving Lembeh Strait with Lembeh Resort. Circumnavigate Lembeh Island and discover remote dive sites which are teeming with life and bursting with color. Topside, Lembeh’s east coast is a staggering mix of jungle topped vertical cliffs, hidden bays and aquamarine lagoons. Below the surface you’ll discover abundant vibrant corals, hunting predators and a breath-taking myriad of reef fish and critters. If you are looking for adventure this trip is for you.


Fireball Lembeh

Fireball dive site offers a range of topographies including canyons as well as passing pelagics

Batu Angus: Reef and Rainforest

The mangrove area around Batu Angus is just 15 minutes from Lembeh Resort and offers a unique diving and snorkeling experience. Look out for the archerfish which are found under the weeping branches of the mangrove trees. The underwater scenery of corals rising up and melting into the overhead canopy of greenery is an exquisite sight. The mangroves not only provide a nursery for juvenile marine species, they are also home to numerous species of birds and amphibians. Take a paddle board between diving or snorkeling and glide silently through the mangrove fringed waterways and spot some of North Sulawesi’s most iconic land dwelling and bird species.

This is a wonderful trip and one that should not be missed by nature lovers and photographers.

Lembeh Strait Batu Angus

Batu Angus – where reef meets rainforest (Photo credit: Alexandra Rose)

Mawali Wreck

Dive in Lembeh Strait’s most famous shipwreck and discover a piece of North Sulawesi’s rich maritime history. The Mawali Wreck is a coral encrusted WWII freighter which is now a vibrant living reefs. This 90 meter long wreck lays on her port side between around 15 and 30 meters. You’ll find the deck and cargo holds easy to recognise along with the propeller. The Mawali attracts small schools of fish and is home to an impressive array of nudibranch and other critters.

Mawali Wreck Lembeh

The Mawali wreck is home to schools of small fish and a plethora of nudibranch

Bangka Island’s Kaleidoscopic Reefs

Take a 3 dive day trip to Bangka Island and immerse yourself in a world of colorful soft corals, prolific fish life, occasional dugongs and even whale and dolphin pod sightings. Bangka Island is surrounded by pristine white sand beaches, calm lagoons and crystal clear bays. Take this tropical day trip and relax on deck while you admire the breath taking natural scenery of North Sulawesi passing by.

Opo Kecil-Dive Guide-Lembeh strait

Day trips to Bangka offer an explosion of color amid the stunning soft corals

Night Diving

For many of Lembeh’s most iconic critters, the action is just getting started as the sun goes down! Night diving in Lembeh is certainly never dull and highlights include stargazers, numerous cephalopod species, mandarin fish, Spanish dancers, bobbit worms and much, much more.

Try fluoro diving Lembeh and experience bioluminescence like never before. This is a glow in the dark, underwater extravaganza not to be missed.

Stargazer fluoro Lembeh

A stargazer under fluoro lights appears even more spooky

Here at Lembeh Resort your enjoyment is our priority so whether it’s coral reefs, mangroves, snorkeling, wrecks, exploring further afield or our famous muck diving sites in the Strait just let us know your preference so that we can make it happen.

Our secluded tropical island resort guarantees an exclusive stay, luxury accommodation, fantastic dining and first class service. Let us exceed your expectations while you enjoy all that Lembeh has to offer.

Diving Lembeh

Lembeh Resort offers tropical surroundings and luxury accommodation

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