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One of the Best Dive Centers at Lembeh!

Incredible experience! Excellent dives! One of the best dive centers at Lembeh! I definitely come back soon!

Check out Ricardo Castillo’s on our website for more of his photos.






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Lembeh Was Great

As it was before, the diving here in Lembeh was great. Opo K. was especially good guide and I would highly recommend him for underwater photographers. The room was comfortable and the staff were friendly and helpful. I would highly …

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Amazing Biodiversity


Lembeh is in the heart of the Coral Triangle, and is known for its Biodiversity, but how does such high diversity come to be? Sara Simmonds and Allison Fritts-Penniman, Ph.D. candidates from UCLA, are here in Lembeh conducting research on …

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Go Nudi! in Lembeh

Lembeh Resort and Critters@Lembeh are thrilled to welcome Dr. Dave Behrens, and Maurine and Burt Shimlock of Secret Sea Visions, who are conducting their first ever Go Nudi! photo workshop here.  We are very excited to host this …

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Muck Diving in Lembeh Strait – Critters of the Week 20

Our Photo Pro Sascha Janson put together this collection of fresh critters from last week. Highlights include a great close-up of the most complex eyes on the planet (eyes of a mantis shrimp) and a baby flamboyant cuttlefish sending a …

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