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Mating Blue-ringed Octopus

Holy Blue Ring!  Lembeh Strait is crawling with them right now.  In the last three days our dive guides have spotted a total of 8 Blue-ringed Octopus on three different dive sites.  Our Photo Pro, Steve Fish captured video of …

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Nudi Spotting…

Our Photo-Pro, Steve Fish, recently purchased a new rental DSLR rig and yesterday was his “test run”.   Since Steve started the photo center in Lembeh, he has only shot video using continuous light which allows him to shoot both …

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Our Photo-Pro Steve Fish’s new UW Photography Books are now on iTunes

Steve Fish, our Resort Photo Pro has two new underwater photo instruction books available now on the Apple iBook Store.  They are: “Using Your DSLR Underwater” and “Underwater Point and Shoot Photography”.

Both books offer the rich media experience of Apple’s …

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