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Help Bangka fight illegal mining!

Bangka island is located in North Sulawesi, Indonesia between Bunaken Marine Park and Lembeh Strait and offers world class coral reef diving with some of Indonesia’s most colorful soft corals and reef fish. News of illegal mining activity on Bangka …

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Pygmy Seahorses

The Hippocampus bargibanti was the first species of pygmy seahorse discovered in as late as 2000. There are now known to be several species of pygmy seahorses which …

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Critters of the Lembeh Strait | Episode 01 – 2016 | Syngnathidae

The first video of 2016 is all about Syngnathidae. The Syngnathidae are a family of fish which includes the seahorses, the pipefishes, the pipehorses, and the seadragons. The name is derived from Greek, syn, meaning “fused” or “together”, and gnathus, …

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Discovering the Denise Pygmy Seahorse

Paying Tribute to a Diver, a Photojournalist but most of all, an Inspiration

Here at Lembeh Resort we are among those who have been lucky enough to consider Denise Tackett a friend …

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Star of Lembeh – Part II

Welcome to our “Stars of Lembeh”. These amazing critters are found at numerous sites in the Lembeh Strait and we see special star qualities in all of them; whether it’s in the way they move, behave, hunt, mate or display …

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