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Cephalopods of the Lembeh Strait

Do you know exactly what a cephalopod is? Does the term cover everything with arms and tentacles? The name cephalopod is derived from Greek with “Cephalo” meaning head and “Pod” meaning foot. This is because all cephalopods have large heads …

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Pleasant Stay – Blue O Two Group

Just arrived back in UK after an amazing week of diving Lembeh Strait. The dive staff and resort staff are an awesome bunch of people who do everything and I mean everything in their power to make our stay a …

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Weekly Web 25 – still hot for Nudis, Crustaceans, Frogfish and Cephalopods

Welcome to episode 25 of Fresh Critters At Lembeh. Diving is still hot for Nudis, Crustaceans, Frogfish (four Hairy’s today!) and of course, Cephalopods are still plentiful.

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Weekly Web 22 – Flamboyant Cuttlefish Hatching & Fighting Octopuses

Here’s another week of Lembeh’s famous critters. This was another great week for Cephalopods with lots of species sighted and more interesting behaviors including Flamboyant Cuttlefish hatching, a Coconut Octopus fighting with a Long Arm Octopus and a …

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Cephalopods and Nudibranchs in Our Week 17 Video

Our new weekly web video is now online. This wee, in episode 17 of Fresh Critters at Lembeh, we once again have loads of fantastic creatures. Cephalopods are still hot, especially at Aer Bajo, and some rare Nudibranchs …

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