Lembeh Gulen Critter Shootout 2016, Nudibranch Results Revealed!

Lembeh Gulen Critter Shootout 2016, Nudibranch Results Revealed!

The online voting for the nudibranch competition day drew to a close at 4am this morning Lembeh time and our team had some great results. The winning image was a stunning shot from Gulen Dive Resort taken by Luc Rooman from Belgium.

Lembeh Resort secured 2nd place with an image taken by Wayne MacWilliams of a Flabellina Rubrolineata and 4th place was awarded to Debbie Arriaga with her Risbecia tryoni. Lembeh Resort also secured the following places: 5th (Greg Sherman), 6th (Jerry Arriaga), 7th (Wayne MacWilliams and Nick More), 12th (Nick More), 15th (Richard Charlton), 16th and 20th (Martin Gerard) and joint 21st place (Debbie and Jerry Arriaga). Congratulations to all of you – what a great start to the Shootout!


Check out all of the incredible images taken by the team here in Lembeh below

1_Wayne Flabellina_rubrolineata

Photo by Wayne MacWilliams (Flabellina rubrolineata)


Photo by Debbie Arriaga (Risbecia tryoni)

7_GregCeratosoma trilobatum

Photo by Greg Sherman (Ceratosoma trilobatum)


Photo by Jerry Arriaga (Flabellina)


Photo by Wayne MacWilliams (Chromodoris bullocki – with eggs)

4_Nick_ Thecacera

Photo by Nick More (Thecacera)

10_Nick.Glossodoris plumbeajpg

Photo by Nick More (Glossodoris plumbea)

6_Richard_ Thecacera

Photo by Richard Charlton (Thecacera)

12_Martin Chromodoris dianae

Photo by Martin Gerard (Chromodoris dianae)


Photo by Martin Gerard (Flabellina)


Photo by Debbie Arriaga (gills of chromodoris bullocki)

11_Jerry.Glossodoris rufomarginatajpg

Photo by Jerry Arriaga (Glossodoris rufomarginata)


The training days with world class underwater photographer Tobias Friedrich are really paying off and we are ready to take on the Norwegians in round 2! Were you surprised by which of the nudibranchs were from the Lembeh Strait?

Follow the event on Facebook for more updates and to cast your votes on the invertebrate entries which will be online for voting from 4am on the 25th May (Lembeh time). Show your support of this epic event – remember – only one vote per person so choose carefully!


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