Cephalopod Week with Dr. Roger Hanlon, May 2019

Join us for a Scientific Adventure in the Lembeh Strait

Join us at Lembeh Resort for a very special, 9 night, scientific adventure into cephalopod camouflage. The event will be running from 11-20 May 2019.

We are extremely proud to be hosting Dr. Roger Hanlon from the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Massachusetts and Kerri Bingham from Got Muck for this special event.

Roger Hanlon HSI

Dr. Roger Hanlon and his Hyper Spectral Imager (read more below)


Dr. Roger Hanlon is one of the world’s most notable cephalopod experts from the Marine Biological Laboratory, which is where The Hanlon Lab is based. The Hanlon Lab is dedicated to the study of camouflage in animals. You can read more about the lab here and find out more about Dr. Hanlon here.

Dr. Hanlon is also the author of two leading books on the subject of cephalopods:

Cephalopod Behaviour (Hanlon & Messenger; Cambridge University Press 2018  and,

Octopus, Squid, and Cuttlefish: a Visual, Scientific Guide to the Ocean’s Most Advanced Invertebrate (Hanlon, Vecchione & Allcock; University of Chicago Press 2018)


Cephalopods Lembeh

A range of beautiful cephalopods are found in the Lembeh Strait


Dr. Hanlon and his assistant will be bringing with them their Hyper Spectral lmager (HSI), which is a specialized camera that can capture an incredible 16 colors per pixel (as opposed to the 3 colors which regular cameras are capable of). They will be using this to capture cephalopod behavior, camouflaging and flashing. This incredible camera couldn’t be used in a better location than right here in the Lembeh Strait!


Blue ring cephalopod lembeh

Blue ring octopus are just one of many cephalopod species found in Lembeh


Dr. Hanlon will not only be diving with you but also giving evening presentations on cephalopods, their behaviors, camouflaging and discussing the day’s findings.

Kerri Bingham from Got Muck is an old friend of Lembeh Resort and an incredible underwater photographer. Kerri will be joining the dives and assisting with spotting and photographing the critters of the Strait which she knows so well.


Diving in Lembeh

Squids are a cephalopod highlight of night diving in Lembeh


Our price for Cephalopod Week at Lembeh Resort is $3,250 per person and includes:

  • 9 Nights full board accommodation (double occupancy) in a Luxury Cottage
  • 22 Guided Boat Dives with nitrox (if certified)
  • Unlimited complimentary self guided House Reef dives with air
  • Unsurpassed dive guide attention and superlative resort service to compliment the entire event.
  • Evening presentations by Dr. Roger Hanlon
  • Arrival airport escort service (upon exiting terminal)
  • Round trip transfers from Manado Airport to Lembeh Resort
  • All meals & snacks, free-flow drinking water, brewed local coffee, tea, taxes and Wi-Fi



Luxury Cottage accommodation for 9 nights during cephalopod week


Would you like to discover the secrets of camouflaging cephalopods? This is an exceptional opportunity, accompanied by Lembeh Resort’s personal service, luxury accommodation and exquisite dining.

If you would like to make a booking, or more information, please contact us on reservations@LembehResort.com