Steve: Ramly, Jhoe, and Nanus was awesome. Juls, Dimpy & Naomi are the most helpful. Keep Sascha & Lauren forever!! It was really great having the same team and the way from Manado. Can not say enough about how great they all were. I love this place!!!Pete: Jhoe, Ramly & Laurens all are excellent. They performed exceedingly well. It was an enjoyable experience.
Hoyle: Sascha’s info on macro lens is the most helpful & enjoyable. All staff were extremely attentive & courteous.
Patty & Joel: We wrote a special note for each. Thank you! Thank you!!
Penny & Dan: The slates was especially helpful. Jhoe is an excellent dive master. He is kind, sincere, genuine, knowledgeable & safety conscious. He respects the critters & coral. The staff was very kind. Morten, Dessy (she traveled with us from Bangka, she is very sweet), Helena, Jacksil, Ike, Nanus, Sani S, Yongki, Iksan, Stefan, Lauren.