“Once again, we have all experienced another great Nudibranch Workshop at Lembeh Resort & [email protected]. I can’t tell you how excited I get to see our participants getting into it. Aside from Burt and Maurine’s great photo presentations, the workshop began with a general introduction to Nudibranch Biology, which included anatomy, feeding, reproduction and defense against predations. The we looked at the Geology of the region and why the diversity of species is so high here. This was followed by talks on Reef Associations, and a discussion of ”Wallacea”, and the who was first with the “Origin of Species” Darwin or Wallace. Then of course the diving. Wow. I believe our nudibranch speciescount was over 190. Come join us”. – Dr. Dave Behrens

“Secret Sea Visions and Lembeh Resort just hosted 22 underwater photographers and nudibranch enthusiasts for a 10 day workshop. The resort and dive staff exceeded our expectations and made our job very easy and our guests very happy. Everyone will be back”. – Burt Jones and Maurine Shimlock

“Thanks for an amazing week of diving! Lembeh truly is weird in the most wonderful way. Maykel is Incredible dive guide. He sees everything the tiny stuff most of all. We will miss Lembeh and hope to be back.” – Vince Willmore and Orie Snider.

“Great diving with guides with guides that are amazing spotters! Will dive with them again!” – Sabra Basler.