Thank you all so very much. The resort is beautiful, but most of all, the staff here is so friendly and helpful. Special thanks to Iwan for making our dives so fun, finding us amazing critters and being so patient. He let us do our own thing, but was always there with something to show me when I was ready to move on. I enjoyed everyone’s smiles and hellos all of the time. I hope to come back soon! Leslie North

Thank you for a great time and a relaxing experience. It was amazing how hard staff worked to provide outstanding customer service.  For standouts  i would like to say that Iwan was an excellent guide. He knew the critters, loved the critter, and never herded us around the site. Lauren does a nice job of mingling with the guests. Rosa is adorable. What sweet energy. Overall, i would recommend the resort to friends. Thanks for a great experience. One more call out, super impressed that folks remembered my name. That is impressive.