It has been very productive and interesting eight days of big fin reef squid research here at Lembeh Resort with Critters@Lembeh! While we know that multiple different species of big fin reef squid exist, we don’t know how they differ. These squids, like other Chepalopods, … communicate with their skin, particularly specific signals for mating. I am interested in seeing if mating behaviors and characteristics differ between the different species. During this expedition, over two hours of interactions between mating individuals were caught film. A particularly interesting interaction was seen where one male seemed to be guarding two females laying eggs, assumably having mated with both females! Normally only pairs are observed. Additionally, eggs were found in all types of substrates – mooring lines, stag horn coral beds, sandy bottoms, and soft corals. Further analysis will reveal if the different species of big fin reef squid lay eggs in different habitats and have different reproductive behaviors. Not much has been observed bout their mating and egg laying behavior in the wild, so this trip has been fantastically exciting with how much we saw! Thanks so much for all the help and support from the dive and resort staff, it wouldn’t have been possible without everyone!
You can help with the ongoing research about the whereabouts of the big fin reef squids’s spawning habitats and activities! On my research website you can submit any sightings from your travels of squid and their eggs.