A tranquil tropical garden bursting with life and somewhere to be at one with nature?

A white sand beach bordered by palm trees with crystal clear water lapping at your feet?

Stunning sunsets over calm water and service which takes care of your every need?

Whatever your preference, we have you covered. With one of our combination packages you’ll experience everything that North Sulawesi has to offer and you’ll be looked after every dive of the way.

New Wetsuit, Dive Guide's, Lembeh, Indonesia 2017


Situated in Indonesia in the heart of the coral triangle, North Sulawesi is a diver’s paradise. Imagine over 500 species of coral which equates to more than 76% of the worlds known species, more than 3,000 species of fish, 6 out of the 7 world turtle species, a migratory route for over 30 species of marine mammals, home to more than one third of all whale and dolphin species and the greatest extent of mangrove forests in the world.



Explore Bunaken Marine Park which is home to some of Indonesia’s best wall diving sites, Bangka Island offers an explosion of color which will leave you spellbound and the Lembeh Strait has the undisputed best muck diving the world.



With seamless boat diving transfers from resort to resort you can dive your way around Bunaken, Bangka and Lembeh on the trip of a lifetime. Walls, reef and muck in just one trip? Absolutely!


During your “Passport to Paradise” you’ll stay at Murex Manado, Murex Bangka and then join us here at Lembeh Resort.   If you’d like to stay on Siladen Island and enjoy the luxury of Siladen Resort we can offer this too – the choice is yours to add as many stops as you like on your journey around North Sulawesi’s best dive sites.

Prefer to stay here just in Lembeh Resort? We’d love you to do so and you can still experience the contrasting reefs of Bangka Island on one of our day trips. You’ll head out in the morning for three beautiful boat dives before returning to Lembeh Resort in the afternoon.


Why choose between so many great locations when you really can have it all? Make your booking now for 2017 and experience the diversity of North Sulawesi: reservations@lembehresort.com