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Whats Happening on Day 6 @ ‘Capturing Critters @ Lembeh’ ?!

Going into Day 6 (Tuesday) of the Lembeh ResortCapturing Critters @ Lembeh’  Photo Workshop  everyone is super excited after an excellent day of diving yesterday including two separate sightings of Hairy Octopus on the afternoon dives. Everyone …

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Recap from Day Five of ‘Capturing Critters @ Lembeh’

“After nearly a week of the small stuff, two boats are off to Angel’s Window and California Dreaming in search of some wide angle possibilities this morning.  The pygmies, blue rings, and flamboyant cuttlefish get the morning off as we …

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What’s Happening on Day 5 of ‘Capturing Critters @ Lembeh’ Photo Workshop!

Everyone at Lembeh Resort and Critters@Lembeh are finding it hard to believe that we are already reaching the half-way stage of our first Capturing Critters @ Lembeh Photo Workshop. It has already been a great success with not only …

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What’s Happening on Day Four of ‘Capturing Critters @ Lembeh’

Most people on Sunday would be taking it easy but not our Photo Workshop participants!

After a hearty breakfast, Doug held the first session of the day on Lightroom – Developing Module Essentials. With the number of photos that our guests …

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Recap from Day Two of ‘Capturing Critters @ Lembeh’

“Day two and it’s more surprise appearances from the usual suspects.  Blue rings, Coleman’s shrimp and Boxer Crabs!  Harlequins feeding on starfish up in the shallows and a pair of Tiger shrimps, and that’s all from the day’s first two …

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