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Hide & Seek – Part II

Now you see it, now you don’t!

Hide & Seek part II delves into the amazing camouflaging abilities of octopus and frogfish. Special thanks to Ed Brown for helping Lembeh Resort and critters@Lembeh Resort with our quest to bring you great …

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Hide & Seek – Part I

“See that tiny frogfish”


“It’s there”

“Oh yeah, cool huh”

That’s how a conversation on land might pan out, underwater is a different matter though. Its really not that simple to point out a critter that doesn’t want to be seen, but the …

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In Lembeh and Tangkoko with Ed Brown

We were very happy to have UK Photographer Ed Brown back in Lembeh Resort; this time he delighted us with not only his amazing UW photos but he also shared with us some of his images taken during a Tangkoko …

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