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Cephalopods of the Lembeh Strait

Do you know exactly what a cephalopod is? Does the term cover everything with arms and tentacles? The name cephalopod is derived from Greek with “Cephalo” meaning head and “Pod” meaning foot. This is because all cephalopods have large heads …

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Creatures of the Night

Creatures of the Night from the Lembeh Strait
It’s Halloween this month so we are celebrating all things spooky including our critters! The Lembeh Strait offers phenomenal night diving thanks to its array of incredible critters of the night. Here’s some …

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Second Trip to Lembeh and Still Awesome!

Nadia Aly (Scuba Diver Life) returned to Lembeh Resort and dived with Critters@Lembeh for the second time. During her dives with us Nadia got cool shots of a mimic octopus, starry night octopus (a first for Nadia), and …

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