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Best-Trained Guides in Indonesia – Part I

If you were to make a recipe for an amazing Lembeh dive guide, it might look something like this:


1 strong, healthy young person

2 cups of enthusiasm

1 tablespoon of talent for finding rare, camouflaged and tiny animals

1 litre of intuition and …

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Great Trip, Loved Everything About It

This was Roeland and Saskias’ first trip to Lembeh Resort and diving with Critters@Lembeh.Roeland a videographer, wanted to improve his photo skills during his vacation and took a couple of courses with Cameras@Lembeh Photo Pro Sascha Janson. …

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Critters of the Lembeh Strait | Episode 14/2014

In this latest video, check out the Nembrotha rutilans in the midst of eating a tunicate – it reminds us of drinking a milkshake through a straw! There’s also some spectacular footage of a Melibe papillosa – truly a strange …

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We Always Choose the Best

Following a recommendation from underwater photographer Michael Aw back in 2007, Alexandra and Michael came to Lembeh Resort for the 1st time. Since then they have returned 3 times, happy …

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Images and Art

We were very happy to welcome Daniel Fauchon back to Lembeh Resort. He last visited us in August 2013 and came back this year for more adventures. Daniel is a professional photographer but under water he enjoys and observes the …

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