Lembeh Resort Dive Boat


Travel in style to the world’s best muck diving sites

Introducing Our Fleet

All of our dive boats are custom built with your comfort and convenience in mind. There are ample padded areas for your camera, hooks for other items and storage areas for your dive accessories. All boats have long ladders, making boarding the boat after your dives a breeze!

Our fleet of boats includes boats of different sizes so we can easily cater to different sized groups. Our boats are spacious and they are all covered for protection from the sun and have a toilet, emergency oxygen, first aid kits and lifejackets. For those who wish to sunbathe or simply warm up in the sun, the bow of the boat is open and there is access to the rooftop sundeck.

All of our staff (including dive guides and boat captains and crew) undergo annual training in CPR, first aid, and emergency rescue procedures. Our boats are fully equipped with spare tanks and spare dive equipment as well as towels, fresh drinking water, fresh fruit and candies. For double-dives we also have hot water for coffee or tea as well as snacks and biscuits.

Dive Briefings & Critter Log

Dive briefings take place on the boat and we use our famous Critter Log, a book of laminated photos, to show you what you may see on your dive. The Critter Log has been compiled over years of research and with input from our inhouse marine biologists. It’s also fun to consult the Critter Log after the dive and compare notes with your buddies on what you saw. In addition to this, our dive guides carry an underwater slate on which they will write down the critters that you have seen for you to add to your logbook later – or simply snap a photo of!

Click on this link to see the comprehensive (and searchable) online version of our critter log.

Dive Trips

Due to the close proximity of many of our dive sites our boats go out for single dives and return to the resort for the surface interval. This gives you time to rewarm, change camera batteries, or simply enjoy a coffee or fresh juice on the pool deck.

When planning dive trips to sites that are further afield, our boats have ample capacity to go for a two dive trip with the surface interval and refreshments served on the boat. For divers wanting to explore the coral reefs outside of the Lembeh Strait we can plan a complete circumnavigation of Lembeh Island, or excursions to Bangka Island. When making these longer trips we usually make three dives with lunch served on the boat between dive two and three. It’s also possible to swim ashore and have lunch on a remote white sand beach!

Private Boat Services

Are you looking for a completely exclusive diving experience in Lembeh? We are able offer both private guides and private boats. Our private boat services mean that you can tailor your dives exactly how you like. Select your own dive sites (subject to sea conditions), and decide whether you want to do single dives, double dives, or plan for a longer trip.

Boats For Groups

Are you planning a group trip to Lembeh? Depending on your dates and according to the number of divers in your group, we can also arrange exclusive boats for groups! Check Lembeh Resort rates for more details and information about our boats, or to make a reservation, contact us at: reservations@LembehResort.com.


All dive operators in Lembeh Strait follow the rule of allowing maximum 15 divers to dive each dive-site at any given time. This means that your dive experience will be calm, quiet and private.


Lembeh Strait offers a variety of dive sites, some of which have beautiful top reefs like this reef which is only 3 minutes from Lembeh Resort.


Our custom built dive boats have been designed with comfort in mind. When going out for day trips to Bangka or East Lembeh a rooftop sundeck to warm up is often welcomed by our guests, as is a restroom, a shaded area with comfortable cushions, towels, coffee, tea, snacks and fruits.


All boats are outfitted with fuel efficient low emission 4 stroke engines powered forward with 160-200hp depending on the size of the boat to ensure a comfortable but swift ride.


With five boats we can customise the dive program to your liking. If you wish to have the utmost flexibility and comfort you can even opt for having your own boat with a full crew and guide ready to take you wherever you like, whenever you like.


Night dives are a wonderful way to uncover some of the secret critters of Lembeh Strait. Night dives can be done from shore on the house-reef or by boat at a variety of calm and well protected dive sites.