Lembeh Resort Panorama
Lembeh Blue Ring Octopus
Aerial photo of the Cliffside Villa at Lembeh Resort
Coral Reef in Lembeh Strait


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In the Spotlight: Underwater Videography Workshop Day 6

 It’s the final day of Sascha’s first ever, exclusive underwater videography workshop here in Lembeh and our participants have had an exceptional week of diving and filming in the Strait. Some of the highlights (just a few) have included;[reveal align="left" width="100%" title="Day 6 event and update"]Donald duck shrimp, pygmy pipehorse,...
How to Make Dabu Dabu Goreng

At Lembeh Resort no meal is served without the quintessential Indonesian sambal, the Dabu Dabu Goreng. Indonesians and especially the people of North Sulawesi love spicy food. At our restaurant the dishes are adjusted to suit the western palate but should you want for an extra kick of spiciness then...
Tentacle Festival 2017 with Bret Grasse

Event Roundup  Today marks the close of our first ever Tentacle Festival here at Lembeh Resort with guest presenter and cephalopod expert Bret Grasse.Outside of his presentations and Q&A sessions, Bret has been enjoying the best of Sulawesi diving in the Lembeh Strait. “It seems like every dive we see something new,...
Lembeh’s Eight-Legged Wonders

Octopus – for divers, it’s hard to imagine a more mysterious and fascinating animal. Their intelligence is legendary, they can change colour instantly, squeeze into tiny spaces, escape from tanks like Houdini, are venomous (and sometimes deadly to humans), they are the only invertebrate known to use tools and they...