Lembeh Resort Panorama
Lembeh Blue Ring Octopus
Aerial photo of the Cliffside Villa at Lembeh Resort
Coral Reef in Lembeh Strait


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Same smile, new style

Many of you will know these smiling faces from your previous visits, since many years the Lembeh Resort smile has remained the same. Lets go on a little stroll down memory lane and see how the appearance of our team-members has changed over the last decade :). The first uniforms of...

As Christmas draws in we can't help but join in the festivities, so here is our "Lembeh" take on the "12 days of Christmas" song especially re-worded (12 days in Lembeh) for all of our muck diving aficionados. Check in each day to see a stunning new critter image from 2016,...