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Critters that Fool All Year Around

April may be the month of the fool but in Lembeh we have many critters that are constantly fooling other marine life through mimicry and camouflage – occasionally they even fool us too! These are our top 5 “foolers” from the Lembeh Strait and some interesting facts which may surprise...
Tentacle Festival July 2017

Ceph lovers, mark your calendars! From July 10-17, 2017, Lembeh Resort is thrilled to host the first ever 'Tentacle Festival' featuring cephalopod expert Bret Grasse. Every day will feature action-packed dives in Lembeh Strait, famous for its amazing diversity of rare cephs such as the mimic octopus, wunderpus, flamboyant cuttlefish,...
Exclusive Underwater Videography Workshop 2017

The Lembeh Strait is famous for its extraordinary critters and marine life and there is no better way to capture the weird and wonderful behavior they display than by video. Feeding, hunting, mating and hatching activities are all here and ready for you to shoot with guidance from our Underwater...