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Lembeh Blue Ring Octopus
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Coral Reef in Lembeh


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Survival of the Fittest in the Lembeh Strait

Lembeh’s dive sites might be underwater playgrounds for divers but for the critters that inhabit them it’s a case of survival of the fittest against predators. This fingered dragonet (Dactylopus dactylopus) lost its battle to the gracile lizardfish (Saurida gracilis), which struck with such lightening speed that the dragonet never...
Indonesian Explorer Combinations

A combination of mind-blowing diving, the best resorts in North Sulawesi and seamless boat-transfers have made our combination holidays exceptionally popular amongst guests from all over the World. The exclusive combinations between the Murex Resorts, Siladen Resort and Lembeh Resort have in fact proven so popular that we are now happy...
Little Details at Lembeh Resort

Lembeh Resort is not just about diving and accommodation, we believe in delivering you the best dive resort experience possible. From the moment you are greeted at the airport to when we wish you farewell we aim to anticipate and take care of your every need. Here are just a...